Sunday, January 3, 2010

8 years to go

It seems strange to say this but I only have 8 more years and then I can retire. 2,059 working days. Given that I have worked for the Government for 26 years, 8 years doesn't seem that far off. But - on the other hand 8 years also means that my granddaughter will be 9 and that makes me sad thinking of her growing up so fast because she is so much fun right now.

I have a pretty awesome job. I work in the Contracting field at Hill AFB. I am a Contract Administrator. I monitor contracts after they have been awarded by the buyers. I take this job very seriously because I work one on one with the contractor's building the parts that go on the planes.

Every time I hear of a plane going down the thought always comes to my mind that I hope it wasn't a part supplied by one of my contractor's that caused a failure.

You know when I started working for the Government it was because I was a single parent raising my son Chris. I needed the stability of a paycheck and health and life insurance to make sure he was taken care of. As time progressed I got married and had my daughter Sarah and got divorced and this job enabled me to provide a stable environment to raise my two children.

While we (meaning my kids and I) didn't have "toys" by today's standards (you know the 4-wheelers, snow mobiles, etc) we did have a pretty awesome tent trailer which we enjoyed during the summer. I would say I think we were pretty happy.

About 8 years ago I married a person who was very consumed with money. My job to him wasn't good enough as it didn't bring the kind of money that was important to him. He tried to get me to quit my job and get a real estate license with him so that we could make money that way.

All I can say is thank the good Lord I had enough foresight not to do that. While this marriage ended in divorce and this person lost everything that was important to him I still have this wonderful job.

So, while I count down the years to months to days that I can retire I am grateful that I have this job and the stability that it provided me then, continues to do so today and will continue to do so in the future.

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